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We at Allard Service and Sales, Inc are a family owned and operated facility.  Currently there are 3 generations working here.  We've been in business for over 35 years repairing and selling commercial floor machines.  We are conveniently located at 61 Beech Street (a main street in Manchester NH, that runs from North to South).  Our primary business basically comes down to us repairing your commercial floor machine back to it's previous working condition.  This service can be done either at your location or we can work on it at our location here at  61 Beech Street  (map attached with our facility as the destination and you input your info as starting point), by our qualified techs. 




 Besides, repairing your commercial floor machine we also have a very nice selection of new smaller machines from upright vacuums to back packs to blowers.  We can also get in bigger new machines like buffers, burnishers, autoscrubbers, automatics, ride ons, etc.  Like other facilities we also carry used/refurbished machines for sale at our facility ranging from commercial vacuums, to autoscrubbers, scrubbers, buffers, electric/battery burnishers, all the way up to ride ons.





For those who are interested in purchasing a refurbished machine, here's a heads up.  In observance of Memorial Day we will be running a special sale on refurbished machines, Wednesday May 30, 2018, whereas refurbished machines will be 50% off. How can you resist a sale like that.  In fact, shh I'm actually cleaning these machine for the sale. Yup, little ole me is cleaning, testing and oiling the wheels so they're ready for the sale. So come on by and see what we have and quite possibly leave with a nice refurbished machine.  Also, as part of our collection we have some machines no one really wants to work on, so if you're handy, you can purchase one of these machines at a really really low cost.




Refurbished Burnishers